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Each moment is a new beginning but yourself can light the moment up, here we at the reception hall of River Park is ornamentally made within weddings mind of the inspired architectures, and our staff will be on full of hand to make sure your day runs flawlessly.

The green lawn of the River Park is being maintained on a daily basis in order to fetching eyes of seers.

Staying in a quite and peaceful room is still a dull? Why don’t you just go out and kicking yourself off an event with kids? green lawn of the River Park why is just there. The whole garden is charmed within the variety of flowers, green grass of lawns and shadows of massive trees.

The facilities of reception hall cutting all the edges of technology and design,all we can promise is to make it a truly memorable moment. We surpass every customer’s expectation and give the customer a credible and unforgettable experience across every touch point on a consistent basis.